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Marine Lights
Model: J- 9005LED Ceiling Lamp
390 x 125 x 13 (H) mm,surface mount PC lens, ABS frame, aluminum heat sink plate 60 of super bright LEDs, 18W, 1260 Lumens, 12V Night light 6 of blue. SMD LEDs 3P switched. Standerd Color: White.
Model: J-555LEDW
With 36 super-bright LEDs. With mini rocker switch. Plastic ABS base. Plastic clear decorative lens. Length 185mm, width 110mm. Height after surface mount: 24mm. Height after recessed mount: 16mm.

Model: J-9001LED
Plastic ABS base, PC lens. 177 x 177 x 20 mm. 60 super bright white LEDs. 6 blue SMD LEDs. 3p switched for night light.
Model: J-557-LED
36 super-bright LEDs. 12VAC polarity-free. 184 x 110 mm. Designed for either recessed or surface mount. Option: with blue or red night light. Hight after instalied: recessed - 12mm. surface - 20mm.

Model: J- 558 Mled Slimlite
Waterproof sealed IP66 110x185x12mm H Plastic PC base and len Surface mount 36-white and 12 blue LEDs 3 lead wires for switching white or blue
Model: J-060LED
Aluminum housing, flange. O.D 65 mm. H:12.8mm. Recessed mount, hole-drill: 45~47mm. Height after installed: 6mm. 24 bright LEDs.

Model: J- 8812LED Slim Down Light
Waterproof sealed to IP66 129 mm Dia., 9 mm H Plastic PC base and 107 mmDia. lens. Surface mount. 72-white-LEDs plus 6-red (or blue) -LED
Model: J- 056SLED Slim Down Light
Surface mount. 69mm Dia., 9.6mm H, lens 50mm Dia. 12-white-LEDs plus 6-red (or bule)-LEDs . 3-wires for switching white or red/blue. Standard color : white.

Model: J- 065LED Mini Down Light
Aluminum base and frame with 3 screw-holes for recessed mount O.D. 65mm, H: 27mm 6 of super bright LEDs, total 3W, 200 Lumens, 12V
Model: J- 060LED HP Mini Down Light
Aluminum housing, flange, flange O.D. 65mm. H:22mm. Recessed mount, hole-drill:45~47 mm Height after installed:6mm 1W high-power LED

Model: J-2501LED20 & J-2501LED40,30
Aluminum extrusion with silver grey plastic end covers. Width overall: 90mm, thickness: 15mm. Length overall options: 40cm, 30cm, 20cm. Surface mount.
Model: J- 100MLED Slim Down Light
Surface mount. 83mm Dia., 11.9mm H, lens 50mm Dia. 12-white-LED plus 6-red (or bule) -LEDs. 3-wires for switching white or red/blue.

Model: J-2300LED
Waterproof work light with 2M cable. PC lens and surround. Super bright high-power LEDs 6 x 2.5W. Stainless bracket. Lens 87 mm Dia.
Size: 115mm Dia.x95mmx150mm H.
Model: J-2299LED
Waterproof work light with 2M cables. Black or white painted aluminum dle-casted housing. PC lens and surround. Super bright LEDs. Lens 80x45 mm.

Fluorescent Lights

Model: J-2508D & Model: J-2608D
ABS base, PC lens. Mini rocker switch. Fluorescent tubes 8w x 2. 390 x 85 x25 mm.
Model: J-3000
Plastic ABS base, PC lens. 275 x 116 x 32 mm 3p mini rocker switch off, on full light

Model: J-12210
Working light. Fluorescent 20W 12V. Water-proof. O.D.67 x length 525mm.
Model: J-12220
Working light. Fluorescent 20W 12V. Water-proof. O.D.67 x length 778mm.

Dome Lights 12V
Model: J-1065
Glass lens Toggle switch 3" Dia. lens, 4-3/8" O.D 10W festoon bulb
Model: J- 104S
Glass lens Toggle switch 1 - 5/8" H x 5 -1/2" O.D. 4" Dia. lens, 10W bulb

Model: J-690LEDSS
Extra stainless surface mount base 137mm O.D. Height after installed: 21mm. Standard: 18-white-LEDs. Special option: with waterproof switch. Option: 24-white-LEDs.
Model: J-019LED
24 of bright SMD LEDs 12V. Recessed mount, height after installed 5 mm. Cut-out drill: 58-60 mm Dia. Surround colors: white or silver grey.

Model: J-939LED
Swivel. Base 42x80 mm. Height : 86mm. Light aperture :56mm. ABS base and body. Aluminum reflector. Clear glass lens. mini slide switch
Model: JE- 505060P
width: 10mm. 60-LEDs per meter. Allow to cut and re-wire every 3-LEDs. Waterproof sealed with clear plastic. with 3m double-sided adhesive tape. 5 meters/roll. Available LED colors: white, red, blue

Model: J-612ATSC
Truck fan two – speed Aluminum blades
Model: J-812GHT
8' Strong breeze. Not oscillating. 60 ribs. with 3-position switch:on speed 1, off, on speed 2.

JAS-231A USB charger socket. DC 12V to 5V. With water-resistant rubber cap. Hidden built-in LED indicator. Short circuit protection. JTC-6613WU, USB charger socket. With water-resistant cap. JT-6683D, 12V/10A Twin accessory adapter. With 2 of USB2.0 car charger. Color changing LED. Model: JASP-2121
Water-resistant plug & socket set
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