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High quality - Long lasting self-polishing antifouling
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SERENISSIMA - Self-polishing copper based antifouling

High quality, long lasting self-polishing antifouling. The high content of coprous oxide and other valuable additives, combined to the particular vehicle formulation, allows this product to provide an excellent antifouling power in several conditions. The particular nature of the vehicle increase the wet ability and the flowing of the hull in water. It can be effectively used also in tropical or miscellaneous water. Provides a controlled release speed of antifouling salts which makes this products recommended on both medium speed boats and sailing boats up to 20-30 knots.
Ready for use with Brush/Roller Maz. 5% Thinner 400
Spray 10-15% Thinner 400
Recoat Time 8-12hrs (20'c)
Lunching Time Minimum 24-48 hrs
Theor.Coverage 8-10m2/lt for 40-50 dry Microns per coat

UNIFIBER PRIMER-One-comp on. Primer for fiberglass
One-component primer for fiberglass boat bottoms. It is recommended as a primer preceding the application of antifouling paints and as a keying coat between epoxy primers and one-component finishes.
Available in : 2.5 Ltr. and 0.75Ltr
Model: 454705

Hard Matrix antifouling
- Easy application
- Excellent coverage and adhesion
- Suitable for motor or sailing vessels
- speeds up to 30 knots and racing yachts

Star Teak Oil
Model: 6D4597


- Propellers , Trim tabs , Stern drives
- Available in Black Color & Clear
- Made in Italy
Model: AC-3E5852 Black
Model: AC-A62000 Clear

SERENISSIMA STC WHITE - Self-polishing White Antifouling

Brush/Roller Ready for use or with Max. 5% Thinner 400
Spray 5-8% Thinner 400
Recoat Time Minimum 12hrs (20'c)
Lunching Time Minimum 24-48 hrs
Theor.Coverage 9-10m2/lt for 50-60 dry Microns per coat
Self-polishing,antifouling formulated for all type of boat bottoms, including alminum and light alloys. The application of min.3 coats is recommended It does not require sandpepering when repainted. Usable on Steel/Wood/Fiberglass/Aluminum boats.

Available Colors
Azure Blue
Model: 3F5795
Model: 3F5748
 Dark Blue
Model : 3F0766
Model: 3F6270
Oxide Red
Model: 3F5745
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