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* Quasar wearable light for

scubadivers autonomy 16/20

hours Length : 100 cm.

Comet (find your way underwater)

*Autonomy 6/8 hours.

*Length : 183 cm.

The indicated hours of autonomy

can vary depending on the quality

of the battery used and the

temperature of the water.
Aqvalight Solution

The product line Aqvalight (Patent Pending) are designed to increase the safety of divers during diving. The Comet, indicator lifts 60m water resistant, is a simple and functional tool that solves a problem that often affects divers in the dive: the search for the point of ascent. It is a circuit of LEDs embedded in a resin with high resistance to compression generated by the depth and waterproof. Powered by a battery with the same characteristics of resistance submarine, is placed a few meters from the bottom and secured to the anchor cable. At the time of immersion in water the wet contacts of the system automatically turns on and the LED strip lighting with that intermittently allows divers to move in complete peace and security during the excursion planned. The visibility of the LED strip exceeds 30 meters in precarious conditions and allows you to enjoy the way the beauty of the seabed without having to worry in advance to find the point of ascent. The Quasar, personal locator, uses the same principle, but is adapted in terms of size and capacity of battery power to be used to give visibility to the individual diver. You can fix the tank or the thigh and provides excellent visibility even in difficult conditions. Ideal for groups that need to remain in constant visual contact


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