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Bilge Pumps & Gas Springs
WaterBuster® Portable Pump
This patented, submersible pump is a great way to remove unwanted water from boats, pool covers, aquariums and sump pits. Convenient and safe, too, because it needs no electrical cord – runs up to 5 hours on three alkaline D batteries. 6-3/8" high x 5-1/4" diameter.
* Pumps up to 200 gallons per hour.
* Includes 42" hose with garden-hose adapter for adding longer hose.
* Lifts water to height of 40". Excellent for use as a portable pump-out device for paddle boats, inflatable and kayaks.

Model : 4-4140

Automatic Float Switches
Nickel housing distortion Motor cap toplated motor can for corrosion resistance Stiffening ribs to reduce seal wires and motor for water resistance.

Tsunami Aerator Pumps
Move more water and oxygen into livewell tanks to keep fish active. Cooler-running motors, premium materials, watertight seals and waterproof wiring. Cartridges are replaceable and interchangeable between bilge and aerator pumps. With their innovative engineering and compact design, Tsunami pumps deliver high output from a small package.
Model T500GPH T800GPH
Hose Size 3/4” 3/4”
Voltage 12-volt 12-volt

Sahara Series
Sahara Bilge Pumps include 36" lengths of 16-gauge tinned copper wire. Wire is caulked to prevent water from wicking through insulation jacket.
Model S500 (500GPH) S750 (750GPH) S1100 (1100GPH)
Hose Size 3/4” 3/4” 1-1/8”
Voltage 12-volt 12-volt 12-volt

Shower Sump Pump Systems
Attwood’s shower sump systems deliver the performance you’ve been asking for. Choose from the Standard Box or Large Box sizes. Offering fast water flow into and out of sump. The lid snaps in to allow quick installation (and removal for cleaning) and includes a gasket to seal the sump box against overflow. The sump box even includes an air to prevent air locks. Meets or exceeds all applicable of the ABYC and USCG.
Model Wire/Connector
4141-1 (500GPH) 36” wire

Turbo 3000 Blower
Nickel-plated motor can for corrosion resistance Stiffening ribs to reduce housing distortion Motor cap to seal wires and motor for water resistance.
Model 1731-4 1743-4
Hose Size 4” 3”

Heavy - Duty Bilge Pumps 1700 & 2000

Heavy-Duty Bilge Pumps integrate the highest quality bearings, brushes, alloys and magnets designed to withstand extreme usage cycles. Pump all employs an exclusive shaft and motor compartment, reducing wear and significantly extending pump life. Advanced resin compositions incorporated in exterior to resist chemicals such as engine oil, aggressive detergents and hose plasticizers. Attwood’s Heavy Duty bilge has unsurpassed durability and efficiency in a compact design to ensure electrical energy is converted to the pump rather than excess heat.
Model Rated Voltage Wire/Connector Aftermarket
HD1700 12-Volt, CE rated 36” Wire 4730-4

Model Rated Voltage Wire/Connector Aftermarket
HD2000 12-Volt, CE rated 36” Wire 4760-4

6 Gallon Fuel Tank with Gauge

Multi-layer Co-extruded HDPE/EVOP tank material prevents the evaporation of gasoline saving gas and money. Robust tank construction the same as found in most automobile fuel systems. Includes impact-resistant, high-visibility UV protected fuel gauge. Gauge can be read up to 8ft. from tank. Fuel gauge designed to resist fuel slosh and lens scratching that make traditional fuel gauges difficult to read.
Part No. 8806LPG2
Size 19.82"L x 13.5"W x 9.16"H

12 Gallon Low Profile Fuel Tank

•Automotive Grade multi-layer Co-extruded HDPE/EVOP tank material prevents the evaporation of gasoline saving gas and moneyCompatible with 1/4” NPT fuel fittings. Robust tank construction the same as found in most automobile fuel systems. Exclusive no-joint injection molded tank interfaces ensure leak free performance in severe conditions. Ratcheting cap with tether ensures proper tank closure and prevents accidental cap loss.
Part No. 8812LLPG2
Size 24.00"L x 18.00"W x 11.61"H (Low-profile)


Gives outboards and stern drives a performance boost, improving both stability and handling. The Hydro-Stabilizer outperforms ordinary flat hydrofoils by reducing drag when the hull goes on plane. Installs on a large variety of motor styles and sizes with included stainless steel bolts and lock nuts. Wings constructed of black molded plastic. The Hydro-Stabilizer quickly puts the boat on plane, and helps pull skiers out of the hole faster. Even at lower RPMs, it keeps the boat on plane. The wings provide a smoother, more stable ride and reduce ventilation in turns.

Standard Glove Box

Plastic box and door are light-weight, yet sturdy. Door opens and closes easily on a stainless steel hinge pin and locks with a marine locking latch.
Door Dimensions Inside Dimensions Installation Hole Size
13-3/4" L x 5-1/2" H 11-3/4" L x 4" H x6-5/8" D 12" L x 4-1/4" H

Grab Handle White , Black

Streamlined with a molded, hinged, built-in fastener cover system, an Attwood exclusive. A unique, new Grab Handle that looks and works great on runabouts, fishing boats, jet boats, and RVs. Clean styling, shaped to fit your hand for a secure grip. This one-piece design eliminates the problem of loose caps which pop off over time and become lost. The covers are hinged on the base of the handle and are pushed closed after securing the mounting fasteners. Strong, propylene inner core with a molded vinyl cover withstands harsh marine environments.

Yamaha tank fitting

Installs in fuel tanks with standard, 1/4" male NPT thread. Solid machined brass. For use with Attwood 8886 or similar quick-connect hose fittings. Note: Yamaha fuel fittings also fit select Mercury/Mariner brand engines (see Mercury/Mariner section.)

Yamaha Hose fitting

Attwood tank fitting and hose fittings are suitable for use with leaded, unleaded, ethanol blended and alcohol-blended fuels. Unless otherwise specified, threaded fittings have 1/4" male NPT threads; barbed fittings fit 3/8" I.D. hose. Clamps are not included. Use fuel compatible thread sealant on all threads.

Gas Springs

Sizes: 6 x 15 - 6mm Rod x 15mm Cylinder
           8 x 15 - 8mm Rod x 18mm Cylinder

Model Extended
Length (in.)
Compressed Stroke End
Fitting Type
Availabel o/p
SL10 10” 7.00 3.00” 10mm 10-60LBS
SL13 15” 9.50 5.50” 10mm 10-60LBS
SL14 20” 12.00 8.00” 10mm 10-60LBS
SL32 10.50” 7.50 3.00” 10mm 20-120LBS
SL33 15” 9.50 5.50” 10mm 20-120LBS
SL34 20” 12.00 8.00” 10mm 20-120LBS
SL34 20” 12.00 8.00” 10mm 60,90,120LBS

Bimini Top

Available in White Vinyl
Easy to install. Bimini top fabrics are offered in a range of sizes to fit most frames. Vinyl: Denim-backed fabric is completely waterproof and easy to clean

Model Height Length Width Material
10341 36” 72” 61”-67” Alum.
10342 36” 72” 68”-74” Alum.
10347 46” 72” 61”-67” Alum.
10348 46” 72” 68”-74” Alum.
10349 46” 72” 75”-81” Alum.
10356 54” 96” 82”-88” Alum.

Adjustable Height Ski-Tows

Our heavy duty tow products will pull you anywhere you want to go We have the quality hardware for almost any recreational towing need. We offer a wide range of configurations for swivel heads, posts, and bases. Our towing products offer advanced features for durability and quality performance. The Pro-Swivl has a 360o rotational head with a nylon bushing for smooth slalom pulling.
Discription Post Dia. Post
Arm Dia. Arm Length Arm Base
2” 34”-58” 6” Dia. SS 1” 33”-56” Rem.
Clev. Pin

Hatch Adjuster
Mounting Brackets
Coupler Lock Pin

Drain Cover
Scupper Valve
Trailer Safety Chains

Fuse Holder
Harness/Connectors 4-Way
LED Submersible Trailer Kit
Wire Size: 10-Gauge, 30amp
Wire Size: 14-Gauge, 15amp
4-way flat wiring harness kit multi-functional (stop/tail/turn) submersible LED trailer lights

Key Floats
Paddle Lanyards

Gunwale Straps
Cooler Mounting Kit
Gunwale strap secure the entire aft section of the boat over the gunwale to the trailer and restrict vertical movement while on the road.
Size: 10ft and 16ft.
Coolers corners stay put with straps to prevent injury, boat and cooler damage. Quick disconnect strap design. Corrosion proof.
Fastens with #8 screws.
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