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Models: 41.830 (500 ml)
Easily removes aggressive black rain stripes, remains of polish, yellowing, verdigris, dirt on roofs as well as adhesives from paints, varnishes and GRP on motor home, carvan, ship, car and motor bike and preserves the surface in one work step; it affects neither paints or varnishes nor GRP (see instructions for use); it is highly concentrated, hence 500 ml are sufficient for at least 150 m2;in case of old, weathered or coloured varnish a dilution is mandatory (1:30).non corrosive the included tensids are 98-100 percent biologically decomposable; not suitable for acrylic glass

Model: 41.870(3x100ml)  
Umkehrosmose - Reverse Osmosis
Basis of the reverse osmosis is the fact that there are two different solutions in their concentration to compensate due to the different osmotic pressures. Different solutions across a semipermeable membrane in communication with one another, the solvent flows from the dilute solution into the concentrated solution. The speed of this natural diffusion called osmosis depends on the existing pressure in the concentratrd solution. The pressure is in the concentrated solution reinforced by external influence, and the osmotic pressure increases, then reverses the direction of flow. , The membrane is blocked by lime and fatty deposits, so the liquid can not flow into the one or in the other direction, and thus can no longer be produced drinking water. It is necessary that they only with an alkaline (A) are then removed, with an acid (S)-rinsing the fillersere cleaned and with a disinfectant (B) the micro-organisms are eliminated


Models: 41.200 (500 ml)
Cleaning paste  
Cleans in a chemical as in a physical way. simar 2 easily removes heavy dirt like black rain and rubber streaks, tar insects and carbon black. ingredients are very easy biologocally decomposable


Models: 41.870 (500 ml)
Gently removes dirt from fabrics without changing their original colour and removes unpleasant smell


Models: 81.210 (500 ml)
Algae Remover
Dissolves and removes automatically and efficiently lime scales and shells from hulls Muschelan Extra consists of natural acids and is free from hydrochloric and sulfuric acid


Models: 51.230 (500 ml)
Insect Protection  
Is a transparent protection, preventing the adhesion of resins and insects on the roof and the front as well as motor homes and caravans, engine bonnets, etc. This product forms a slight transparent film, which can be removed by washing with simar 2 or Just by polishing whereby surface becomes shiny


Models: 51.451 (100 ml)
Mast Cleaning and Care
Metallcare removes dirt from metals like stainless steel and aluminlum; especially for railing and mast; gives high high gloss to th surface; with repellent effect, protects from environmental influences. Tested by "segeln" 05/2009: "the stainless steel surfaces of the pulpit and pushpit as well as the railing stanchions show an unaltered good look after one year. Signs of dirt and corrosion were not detectable

Model: 51.550 (500 ml)
Nano- Tech 122 Nanolack
Is a transparent coating with lotus protect (self-cleaning), for at least one season, the liability Of black streak decreased, surface stays dirt and water resistant, is excellent adhesion to Gfk, paint, aluminum and stainless stee

Model: 51.500 (500 ml)
High Gloss
Is a new, extremely economical agent and an improved and renewed version of "simarflussig" Superglanzolan cleans, renews and presserves in a sigle operation. After use new, older, weathered and coloured GRP, paints and varnishes will show an exceptional and guaranteed longlasting brightness, looking even better than new

Model: 51.450 (500ml)
Diesel sludge remover
Dieselsept ox removes the accumulated mud in the diesel tank using a shock dosage, it frees the filter from bacterial agglomerates; if used frequently it prevents regeneration of diesel mud and bacteria as well the blockage of the filter .

Sterilization Agent For Drinking Water
The test winner Mikrosept is a fluid disinfectant for drinking water based on silver ions; protects against bacterial intestinal diseases . Mikrosept is free from chlorine and nitrates as well as tasteless and fragrance free. 100 ml disinfec 1000 l drinking water. Mikrosq was tested by the university of hamburg (03/2007) assessed from segeln (03/2007) and published in promobil (09/2007) and caravaning (10/2007).
Model: 71.501 (250 ml)

Polish discs

Schaumstoffsheibe Foam plastic disc
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