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Windlass and Accessories
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RC10 Windlass

RC10 with Capstan
Maxwells all new RC10 series windlass proudly Follow in the highly successful footsteps of the Freedom, Liberty and HRC fully automatic rope/ Chain anchor winches.

Model RC10 (8mm) RC10 (10mm) RC12 (13mm)
Max Pull 700kg (1540lbs) 850kg (1870lbs) 1590kg (3500lbs)
Static Hold 1500kg (3300lbs) 1500kg (3300lbs) 2200kg (4840lbs)
Chain Short Link 8mm 10mm 12mm/13mm
Chain Speed
(Normal Working)
24m/min-79ft/min 24m/min-79ft/min 15m/min-50ft/min
Rope Speed
(Normal Working)
20m/min-65ft/min 20m/min-65ft/min 13m/min-43ft/min
Rope Size
(3 stand or 8 plait)
14mm - 16mm 16mm 20mm
Power Supply (DC) 12v or 24v 12v or 24v 24V
Net Weight 19kg (42lbs) 20kg (44lbs) 32kg (71lbs)
Motor (Watts) 1000w 1200w 1200w

* An extremely versatile vertical capstan or general purpose electric winch for use as an anchor winch, pot hauler or davit winch.
* The ANCHORMAX™ has an extremely high power to weight ratio. The compact, fully sealed gearbox is driven by a vertically mounted, permanent magnet motor
* Intrusion below decks is minimised making the design ideal for boats from 5m (16ft) to 10m (32ft).
* Fitting to the boat is simplicity itself because no dismantling of the winch is required. The ANCHORMAX™ is manufactured in marine grade anodised aluminum body and chromed bronze drum.
Note: The ANCHORMAX™ should not be used to haul halyards
Note: The ANCHORMAX™ is not recommended for hauling chain.

Max line Pull Speed Voltage Power Weight
386kg 24m/min 12v 500w 8kg

VC 1000
Vertical design suits smaller powerboats or sailboats and can be utilised for anchor rodes, as a docking capstan on larger craft, or auxiliary line hauling.
* High quality finish on above deck components, hard wearing chrome over marine-grade bronze
* Heavy duty, dual direction motors, designed for marine winches.
Easil disassembled for sevicing.

Max Pull Line speed Power Supply (DC) Net Weight Motor (Watts) Hydraulic Pressure
455kg 20m/min 12 or 24v 18kg 1000w 100bar

Vertical Rope/Chain Series RC6

*The all new stainless RC6 Series untilises 6mm/7mm(1/4')
chain spliced to 12mm (1/2') three strand or 8-brait (plait)rope.
*The RC6 featrues Maxwells revolutionary, and patented
new wave designi chainwheel refer below for more information.
*RC6 has been designed with the smaller trailer boat market mind.
*The in-line vertical gearbox and motor means quick and easy installation by either the boat yard or the DIY aftermarket customer.
*An inexpensive high performance and great looking windlass the RC6 is built for durability and years of trouble free use.
*The RC6 is low profile unit (no optional capstan drum).

Model RC6 6mm/7mm
Max Pull 350kg (770lbs)
Chain short link 6/7mm
Chain Speed
(Anchor Retrieval)
24m/min - 79ft/min
Rope Speed
(Anchor Retrieval)
21m/min - 69ft/min
Rope Size
(3 stand or 8 pliat)
12mm - 1/12"
Power Supply (DC) 12v or 24v
Net Weight 8.5kg (18.7lbs)
Motor (Watts) 500w

Vertical Rope/Chain Series RC8-8

*The all new stainless steel RC8-6 fully automatic rope chain widlass is designed to effortlessly retrive and deploy 6mm/7mm (1/4') chain spliced to 12mm (1/2') three strand or 8-Plait rope.
*The larger stainless steel RC-8-8 can be used with 8mm (5/6') chain spliced 14mm (9/16') three stand or 8-brait (plait)rope.
*The ingeniously designed rope/chain gypsy (chainwheel) is able to accommodate wide range of chain pitch difference within the specified chain size diameters suitable for use with the RC8.
*Sleek Low profile and MaX-grip capstan drum versions are available to suit individual user preference.
*Simple two piece installation saves time and money and allows easy retrofitting without disassembly of the windlass.

Model RC8 (6mm/7mm) RC8 (8mm)
Max Pull 350kg (770lbs) 600kg (1320lbs)
Chain short link 6mm/7mm 8mm
Chain Speed
(Anchor Retrieval)
28m/min - 92ft/min 32m/min -105ft/min
Rope Speed
(Anchor Retrieval)
24m/min - 79ft/min 28m/min - 92ft/min
Rope Size
(3 stand or 8 pliat)
12mm - 1/2" 14-16mm-9/16"-5/8"
Power Supply (DC) 12v or 24v 12v or 24v
Net Weight 12.5kg (27.5lbs) 16.5kg (36.3lbs)
Motor (Watts) 600w 1000w

HRC10-10 Horizontal Rope/Chain Series

* Maxwells all new HRC10 Horizontal Series represents yet another breakthrough in performance and anchor handling excellence. These horizontal, fully automatic rope/chain windlasses have been designed to meet the demands for use on larger vessels up to 16 metres (52 feet), which require a completely above deck installation system. The HRC10’s flawlessly handle rope up to 16mm (5/8") and chain up to 10mm (3/8") in size, including the thick rope to chain splice.
* The unique Maxwell wrap around™ horizontal chainwheel ensures that more than 90° of the wheel is used, allowing greatly improved rope and chain handling compared with competitor designs. The HRC10 works just as effectively with all-chain rodes for those who desire the added security and holding power of an all-chain anchor system.

Model Max Pull Chain short link Rope Size
(3st. or 8plt)
Chain Speed Rope Speed Power(DC) Net Weight (Electric) Motor (Watts)
HRC10-10mm 850kg (1870lbs) 10mm (3/8") 16mm - 5/8" 24m/min - 79ft/min 20m/min - 66ft/min 24v 20kg (44lbs) 1200w

HWC 3500 Horizontal Windlass and chain Pipe

* The HWC Series is designed for automatic horizontal handling of chain only anchor rodes while offering an independent capstan for the retrieval of a secondary rope and chain rode or to assist with docking procedures.
* Fully automatic single or dual direction chainwheel operation, for use with chain only rodes. * Functional rope hauling from fore and aft using independent MAX-grip™ snag-free warping drum with clutch disengagement of chainwheel for positive control of all ropes. * Optional dual anchor handling with smooth independent control of each chainwheel via cone clutches. * Chain pipe assembly supplied. * Cone-type clutch/brake mechanism permits manual ‘free fall’ anchoring. Cone clutches, unlike dog clutches, provide smooth progressive engagement ensuring safe and precise operator control.
* Chainwheel locking pawl to assist when using warping drum independently. * Simple deck mounted installation with no under deck parts. * Simplified maintenance with ability to strip the running gear (chainwheel and drum) from the windlass without disturbing the windlass mounting. * Heavy duty, dual direction motor, designed for marine winches.
Model Max Pull Chain short link Static Hold Line Speed Power(DC) Net Weight (Electric) Motor (Watts)
HWC3500 1590kg (3500lbs) 10-13mm
(3/8" - 1/2")
15m/min - 50ft/min 24v 57kg (125lbs) 1200w


Dual Direction Solenoids COMPACT UP OR DOWN FOOT SWITCHES Foot Switch Maxwell AA560  

Up / Down Remote Up/Down remote panel Gear Reduction Pinion Anchor Swivel  

Spare Winch Handle 12v Motor 1000W Freedom Deck Plate Assemble 12 v Motor 600w  

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