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مجاديف للمحترفين ، جميع الأحجام ، الألوان والأنواع
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Blad Dimentions 22" × 8"
Soft Diameter 1-1/8" (Take-down)
Grip Type "T"
It is Economical, Stowable, and Functional! The Caviness® Tri-Pack makes either 1 Kayak Paddle, 8' long or 2 Canoe Paddles (one - 4 1/2' & one - 5'). Attractively packed on heavy-duty header board for point-of-sale display

K Series

Blad Dimentions 22" x 8"
Soft Diameter 1 1/8” (non take-down)
Approximate Weight 54.5 oz. (7’)
Available Colors Red, Blue, Yellow
The KS Series Kayak Paddle from Caviness® is available in seven dazzling blade colors with a black, plastic clad, super strong, aluminum, one-piece shaft that extends fully into the blade's length for internal reinforcement.

SKO Series

يصلح للقوارب القابلة للنفخ

Blad Dimentions 14" x 6-1/8"
Soft Diameter 1-1/8” (take-down)
Approximate Weight 29 oz. (5’)
The SKO Series take-down oar is made from the same proven materials as all of our synthetic offerings and is a great little oar for inflatable tubing in lakes or swimming pools


مجداف قابل للتصغير والتكبير

Blad Dimentions 15-3/4" × 6-3/4"
Soft Diameter 1st Stage: 1-1/8" 2nd Stage: 1'
Grip Type "T"
This two-stage paddle is perfect for those who are limited on space, but desire a truly functional paddle. The internal cam locks will position the ultra-smooth telescoping shaft at any length from 31 to 64 inches. The high impact plastic blade and grip are designed for an unbelievable amount of abuse.


Length : 5.5ft

مجداف المنيوم بقبضه بلاستك

Un Varnished OAR-UVBW

Length : 5ft

مجداف خشب
Blad Dimentions 21" x 5" (6’)
Soft Diameter 1-1/2”
Approximate Weight 40 oz. (6’)
The UVBW (Unvarnished) Oar has all the great features of the BW Series Oar. Paint to match your boat or finish with any high quality preservative.


Length : 6ft.

مجداف خشب عريض
Blad Dimentions 6"
Soft Diameter 1-1/4” W x 1-1/4” D (Oval)
Approximate Weight 24 oz. (5')
The RD is attractively styled with the contrasting wood Twin Stripe® blade design. It has the Caviness® Wedge Insert as a 'Standard' feature. This cross grain end lamination process provides the butt of the paddle blade with a feature normally applied to only very expensive paddles!


Length : 6ft.

مجداف خشب
Blade Width 6"
Soft Diameter 1-1/4” W x 1” D (Oval)
Approximate Weight 24 oz. (5')
The BTS delivers quiet, smooth power which is why it is a favorite with the traditional canoeist. It features a solid (non-laminated) one-piece design.

Painted OAR-G

Length : 5ft.

مجداف خشب مصبوغ
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