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مضخه فرامه خاصه للمراحيض

Model 3200-001 3200-011 الموديل
Vlotage 12V 24V الفولت
Dimensions 10.6" x 4.9" x 3.8" 10.6" x 4.9" x 3.8" القياس
FlowRate 13GPM (49LPM) 13GPM (49LPM) كمية الماء بالدقيقه
Amps (Max) 17 9 الامبير
Port Size inlet 1-1/2" barb 1-1/2" NPT Outlet 1" barb الضغط
Designed specifically for sanitation waste and fish box evacuations, Shurflo® Macerator pump features a premium impeller design with run-dry capability and includes our seamless shell motor with o-ring sealed end bells and a sealed manual turn key. Shurflo's unique dual blade and housing construction ensure problem free pumping, providing superior performance in harsh marine environments. Thermally protected and ignition protected.

SLV Fresh Water Pump 12 VDC 1.0 GPM

Model 105-013 الموديل
Vlotage 12 VDC الفولت
Dimensions 6.8" x 3.9" x 2.5" القياس
FlowRate 1.0GPM (3.8LPM) كمية الماء بالدقيقه
Amps (Max) 2.5 الامبير
Shut-off Pressure 30PSI (2.0 bar) الضغط
This compact automatic demand pump offers durability and dependability making it ideal for low volume, intermittent duty applications. The SLV Pump self-primes up to 2.5 vertical feet while delivering over 1.0 GPM. A 12 volt low power consumption motor, equipped with a thermal protector and long life pressure switch rated to 30 PSI, provides high pump performance and reliability.

Aqua King II Fresh Water Pumps 2.0 & 3.0 GPM

Model 4128-110-E04 4139-111-B87
Vlotage 12 VDC 12 VDC
Dimensions 8.2" x 4.9" x 4.1" 8.2" x 4.9" x 4.1"
FlowRate 2.0 GPM [7.6 LPM] 3.0 GPM [11.35 LPM]
Amps (Max) 3.5 5.3
Shut-off Pressure 30 PSI [2.0 BAR] 55 PSI [3.1 BAR]
Long life and top performance in all plumbing systems. These fresh water automatic demand pumps are quiet and can run dry without damage. Sealed switch. Ignition protected. Thermally protected. 2 each 1/2" hose barb fittings are included.

مضخه ماء للغسيل 3.5 جالون بالدقيقه

Model 4238-121-E07 الموديل
Vlotage 12V الفولت
Dimensions 9" x 4.9" x 4.1" القياس
FlowRate 3.5GPM (13.2LPM) كمية الماء بالدقيقه
Amps (Max) 7.5 الامبير
Shut-off Pressure 45PSI (3.1 bar) الضغط

Perfect for tough washdown applications, such as fish box, scaling, and anchor chain cleaning, These rugged self-priming pumps deliver high lift, can run dry without damage, and won"t overheat with extended use.

Pro Blaster™ II Washdown Pump Ultimate 4.0 GPM and 5.0 GPM

Model 4258-153-E09 4248-153-E09 4148-163-E75
Vlotage 12 VDC 12 VDC 24 VDC
Dimensions 10" x 5" x 4.75" 10" x 5" x 4.75" 10" x 5" x 4.75"
FlowRate 5.0 GPM(18.9LPM) 4.0 GPM(15.1LPM) 4.0 GPM(15.1LPM)
Amps (Max) 14 10 5
Shut-off Pressure 60 PSI (4.1bar) 60 PSI (4.1bar) 55 PSI (3.8bar)
The Shurflo Pro Blaster II Washdown Pumps deliver superior performance that customers have come to expect and rely upon. Sealed switch. Ignition protected. Thermally protected. 2 each 3/4" hose barb fittings, 1 each 3/4" GHT (M) fitting. Nozzle included.

Standard General Purpose Pump 12 VDC 1.5 GPM

Model 8050-305-426 الموديل
Vlotage 12 VDC الفولت
Dimensions 16" H x 12.5" D القياس
FlowRate 1.5 GPM (5.6LPM) كمية الماء بالدقيقه
Amps (Max) 4 الامبير
Shut-off Pressure 3/8" (10mm) F NPT الضغط
Easy to install and are extremely versatile—perfect for a variety of uses including winterizing, oil changing and liquid transfer. Thermally protected. Description : 2.4 m Cable w/ Battery Clips, CE, Hose kit. Storage Container, Uses: Oil changing, winterizing and liquid transfer.

Yellow Tail 3 & 4 Blower

شفاط لغرفة المكائن

Model Dimensions
2773100 ( 3 in ) 5.1" x 5.5" x 3.8" (3")
2774100 ( 4 in ) 5.1" x 6.4" x 4.8" (4")
6 Blade Nylon Fan. Heavy Duty Fan Housing. Compact DesignExtended Barbs for ease of Installation. Sealed Motor & Wires for Corrosion Resistance. Sealed Motor Shaft for Moisture Protection & Long Life. Slotted Baseplate for Easy Mounting.

Shurflo Switch Kit
Swivel Elbow Adaptor
Electric Faucet
Model 94-706-00
Model 244-3926
Model 94-009-12
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