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سجاد بحري خاص للقوارب
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السجاد البحري
• عمر أطول • مقاوم لتخمير . • اللون لا يتغير. • يتحمل الماء المالح . • مقاوم لأشعه الشمس .

• العرض180 سم. • مقاوم الب قع . • سهل الق نظيف .
سماوى رمادي أحمر

أخضر بحري بيج فاتح كحلي

    Unprecedented Color Stability:-

Long after carpet of conventional man-made colored BCF fibers start fading , the yarn in AGGRESSOR continues to show its true colors, because this yarn is the most highly ultraviolet stabilized colored BCF fiber yet developed.

Width:: 180 cm

Care and maintenance:-

Carpets manufactured by syntec are inherently stain-resistant, how ever periodic care such as vacuuming and washing with household detergents and warm water will help the carpet retain the original appearance, All stains should be removed as soon as possible as this enhances the ability to remove the stain.
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