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نظام قيادة من سي ستار
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Seastar® Hydraulic Steering Kits

• طقم سكان هايدرولك دفة قيادة بمواصفات قياسية مع اسطوانة وسط
• مريح للسيطر على القارب
• يصلح للمكائن الزوجيه حتى 600 حصان أو الفرديه 300 حصان
• القياسات المتوفرة: 18 - 20 - 22 - 24قدم طول خرطوم الزيت

Model HK6318A , HK6320A , HK6322A , HK6324A

Hydraulic Cylinder Side Mount

Use this cylinder as an alternative to front mount types if the motor well space is restrictive.Unbalanced, uneven number of wheel turns from mishap to hard over. Suitable for outboard engines with power steering.

اسطوانة جانبية

فى حال ضيق المكان تستعمل هذه الأسطوانه الجانبيه

Model HC5370

SeaStar Outboard (Front Mount)

General purpose system. Single and multiple engine capability. Typical applications include center console fishboats and cruisers. Independent engine tilt for twin engine installations. Easy steering 5 turns lock to lock steering response

Model HC5345-3


Preloaded dual taper bearings ensure minimal excess free play. Smooth operation and feel. Shaft seals prevent water ingress 48 degrees of tilt articulation 5 positive lock positions Up to three style options. Compact footprint. Maintenance free. Fits most styled and formed dashes

مضخة متحركة لسكان هايدرولك شديدة التحمل

Model HH6492

SeaStar 1.7 - Front Mount Helm

Smooth, efficient no feedback steering for single and multioutboard engines up to 350Hp (700HP combined for counter rotating twins ) for speeds up to 60 MPH.

( مضخه دفه القياده (هايدرولك

Model HH5271

Hydraulic Seal Kit

Teleflex replacement hydraulic seal kit for Seastar front mount hydraulic steering cylinders on outboard motors.

طقم اصلاح اسطوانه

Model HS5157

 Seastar Safe T Helm

Older Style Teleflex Safe T Helm is the original mechanical (also called Rotary) steering helm for power assisted stern drive boats up to 24 feet with up to a 16 inch wheel. The Safe-T is an ideal helm for boats where a No Feedback system is not required. The Old style Safe-T features two threaded spigots for steering cable attachment.

دفة سكان
للقوارب الصغيره حتى 24 قدم

Model SH5023

Seastar Safe-T Bezel

Teleflex Safe-T Bezels are for use with Teleflex Safe-T Helms, available in 20 and 90 degrees.

طقم قاعدة قيادة (سكان) بدرجة °20 لموديل 5023

Model 1-SB27484

Back Mount Rack Helm

Four bolts and nuts secure cable's rack housing to helm. Helm / cable install as unit from back of dash. Helm requires current generation rack cables (will not bolt up older style cables).

دفة سكان بأربع براغي

Model SH5210

Control Cables

33C universal Red Jacket Supreme boat control and throttle cables. We have Seastar 33C universal Red Jacket Supreme throttle control cables and boat control cables in many lengths.

كيبل جير او بانزين قياسات من 8 الى 40 قدم

Model 032377-03
Length 08 to 40ft

Seastar Rack Steering Replacement Cable Assembly

This Teleflex Rack Steering Replacement Cable Assembly is designed for Teleflex's Rack and Rack Twin steering systems (Helm TEL-SH5098). Stainless Steel cables are available in.

كيبل قيادة (سكان) نوع مسنن
Model SSC12415,SSC12416,SSC12417,SSC12419,SSC13415,SSC13416,SSC13417
Size (15Ft), (16ft), (17ft), (19ft), (15ft), (16ft), (17ft)

Seastar Steering Cable

This Teleflex Mechanical steering cable assembly is designed for Teleflex older style Teleflex T-Helm and Teleflex Big T-Helm

( كيبل قياده (سكان
Model SSC72
Length 8ft, 9ft, 10ft, 11ft, 12ft, 13ft, 14ft, 15ft, 16ft, 17ft, 18ft, 19ft, 20ft, 21ft, 22ft, 26ft

Hydraulic Hose Kit

Hydraulic Hose Kit.

Model HO5118 (18ft), HO5120 (20ft), HO522 (22ft), HO5124 (24ft)

خرطوم للزيت متوفر من 18 الى 26 قدم

MT-3 Single Lever (CH5310P) and MT-3 Twin Lever (CH5300P)

ldeal for inboards, stern drives and outboards, MT-3 combines classic binnacle control styling with dual function levers, a neutral safety switch and an engine warm-up feature control throttle and shift with one lever instead of two. MT-3 Twin can control two engines.

عامود تحكم بالسرعة لماكينة واحده داخلية

عامود تحكم بالسرعة لمكنتين داخلية

زيت خاص للهايدرولك طقم اصلاح سكان هايدرولك لمضخة الدفة
Mode: HS5176
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