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 Marine Hoses

A2 Fuel Hose
Premium marine fuel fill hose. Thick wall with smooth tube and cover, and wire helix between 2 ply reinforcement for excellent flexibility and bend radius. Resists permeation, fire, heat, cold, ozone and premature aging by all marine fuels including alcohol blends.
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A1 Fuel Hose
Trdent barrier lined A1 marine fuel hose ( Distribution, Return, Venl and Transfer) for both ( gasoline/petrol) and diesel (including alcohol blends) Built with best fuel, fire and age resistant formulation, 2 spiral reinforcement and unique 'Barrier Liner' on inside surface of tube so fuel is not direct contact with rubber. provides extraordinary resistance to fuel permeation and aging, as well as fire, heat, cold, and ozone. Also good Bend-ability
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PVC Vent Duct
Wire supported vinyl ducting resists weather, sunlight and ozone. Won't support flame. #406: HD vent ducting 6 mil. Operating temperatures 0º to +160º F (-18º to +71º C)
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Wire Harness Conduit
Corrugated Polypropylene Conduit Hose. Safe and easy to install for multi-wire harness. Cable & hose routing (like transom to O/B engine), and other applications. New ABYC Electrical Standard E-11 applies to all boats with AC or DC systems. Slit Fire Retardant/Self Extinguishing Polypropylene. Meets UL 94 V-2 as per ABYC E-
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Bilge Hose
Extremely flexible and tough corrugated polyethylene hose for bilge intake and discharge. Cuffed every foot for clamping. Resists oily bilge and sea water. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR BELOW WATERLINE THRU-HULL CONNECTIONS. Operating temperatures -40º to +200ºF (-40º to +93ºC).
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HD Reinforced PVC-FDA
Heavy duty non-toxic FDA compound PVC with nylon reinforcement. Resists odor, taste and up to 250 PSI/WP (depending onI.D. size) @ 70º F (21º C). For cold and hot tap water. Operating temperatures: +20º to +150º F (-7º to +66ºC). Good flexibility and bend radius.
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