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Magnetic Door CatcherMagnetic Door Catcher
Magnetic Door Catcher Sale price9.500 KD
Lift Up Handle Lock 007188
Lift Up Handle Lock Sale price9.000 KD
Door Holder 54040-01
Door Holder Sale price3.500 KD
Latch SM1211
Latch Sale price2.000 KD
Cabin Door Hook 50025-CPCabin Door Hook 50025-CP
Cabin Door Hook Sale price2.000 KD
Sold out
Cam Lock with 2 Key 50-37241Cam Lock with 2 Key 50-37241
Cam Lock with 2 Key Sale price3.000 KD
Flush Ring Catch 1051DPCHR
Flush Ring Catch Sale price8.000 KD
Pull Ring 1162
Pull Ring Sale price1.500 KD
Swivel Hasp 50074Swivel Hasp 50074
Swivel Hasp Sale price2.000 KD
Safety Hasp 50072Safety Hasp 50072
Safety Hasp Sale price1.750 KD
Flush Pull Ring Handle 80261Flush Pull Ring Handle 80261
Flush Pull Ring Handle Sale price4.500 KD
Lift Latch 80264Lift Latch 80264
Lift Latch Sale price8.500 KD
Barrel Bolt
Barrel Bolt Sale price2.500 KD
Barrel Bolt SM1209Barrel Bolt SM1209
Barrel Bolt Sale priceFrom 2.500 KD
Barrel Bolt 50002-cpBarrel Bolt 50002-cp
Barrel Bolt Sale price2.000 KD
Sold out
Latch S.M1208Latch S.M1208
Latch S.M1208 Sale price3.000 KD
T-Handle Latch 72255
T-Handle Latch Sale price4.500 KD
Flush Lock oval Type 3817940Flush Lock oval Type
Flush Lock oval Type Sale price11.500 KD
Self Adjusting Slam Latch 0675DPBBLKSelf Adjusting Slam Latch 0675DPBBLK
Self Adjusting Slam Latch Sale price13.500 KD
Anchor Handle LockAnchor Handle Lock
Anchor Handle Lock Sale price15.000 KD
Flush Lock with 2 Keys 931DP1Flush Lock with 2 Keys 931DP1
Flush Lock with 2 Keys Sale price18.000 KD
Nautical Slam Latch NFSL52DPNautical Slam Latch NFSL52DP
Nautical Slam Latch Sale price9.500 KD
Flush Lock with 2 keys 50-35501Flush Lock with 2 keys 50-35501
Flush Lock with 2 keys Sale price15.000 KD
Plastic Flush Pull Latch 43001Plastic Flush Pull Latch 43001
Plastic Flush Pull Latch Sale price3.000 KD