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Puriguard diving Jumpsuit 1.5 mm WS815Puriguard diving Jumpsuit 1.5 mm WS815
Med X Shorty WetsuitMed X Shorty Wetsuit
Med X Shorty Sale price32.500 KD
Lido Wetsuit  2 mmLido Wetsuit  2 mm
Lido Wetsuit 2 mm Sale price51.000 KD
Morea Man Wetsuit 3 mmMorea Man Wetsuit 3 mm
Morea Man Wetsuit 3mm Sale price57.000 KD
Fast Man Wetsuit 5mmFast Man Wetsuit 5mm
Fast Man Wetsuit 5mm Sale price71.000 KD
Diver Wetsuit 5 mmDiver Wetsuit 5 mm
Diver Wetsuit 5mm Sale price87.250 KD
Diver Wetsuit 7 mmDiver Wetsuit 7 mm
Diver Wetsuit 7mm Sale price76.500 KD
Fast Man Wetsuit 7mmFast Man Wetsuit 7mm
Fast Man Wetsuit 7mm Sale price99.000 KD
Skin Man 1mmSkin Man 1mm
Skin Man 1mm Sale price21.000 KD
Seppia Wetsuit 3.5mmSeppia Wetsuit 3.5mm
Seppia Wetsuit 3.5mm Sale price78.500 KD
Camo Wetsuit 3mmCamo Wetsuit 3mm
Camo Wetsuit 3mm Sale price36.000 KD
Puriguard Camouflage Hooded SuitPuriguard Camouflage Hooded Suit
Puriguard Rashguard with HoodPuriguard Rashguard with Hood
Puriguard Rashguard with Hood Sale price17.000 KD
Puriguard Water Sport Pant 2 mmPuriguard Water Sport Pant 2 mm
Puriguard Jump Suit 5mmPuriguard Jump Suit 5mm
Puriguard Jump Suit 5mm Sale price40.000 KD
Puriguard Jump Suit 3mmPuriguard Jump Suit 3mm
Puriguard Jump Suit 3 mm Sale price39.000 KD
Wetsuit Neoprene 0.5mm
Wetsuit Neoprene 0.5mm Sale price30.000 KD