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Lanyard SD1 BlackLanyard SD1 Black/Yellow
Lanyard Sale price1.000 KD
Silicone octopus necklace ON1Silicone octopus necklace ON1
Octopus Necklace Sale price4.000 KD
Octopus Cover MPC
Octopus Cover Sale price1.750 KD
Regulator Mouthpiece MP1
Regulator Mouthpiece Sale price1.500 KD
Rubber Tank Boot TB2Rubber Tank Boot TB2
Rubber Tank Boot Sale price3.250 KD
Air Nozzle
Air Nozzle Sale price3.500 KD
Stage Cylinder Rigging SBR2Stage Cylinder Rigging SBR2
Stage Cylinder Rigging Sale price10.000 KD
Nylon Pocket Weight Belt WB-6Nylon Pocket Weight Belt WB-6
Nylon Pocket Weight Belt Sale priceFrom 4.500 KD
Finger Reel 100'
Finger Reel 100' Sale price4.500 KD
Line Reel 150'
Line Reel 150' Sale price11.000 KD
Cressi Strong woven nylon weight belt with stainless steel buckleCressi Strong woven nylon weight belt with stainless steel buckle
Weight Belt Sale price7.250 KD
Weight Belt WB12Weight Belt WB12
Weight Belt Sale price4.000 KD
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Retractable LanyardRetractable Lanyard
Retractable Lanyard Sale price4.000 KD
Diving Coated Weights
Coated Weights Sale priceFrom 4.250 KD
Soft Mesh WeightsSoft Mesh Weights
Soft Mesh Weights Sale priceFrom 3.500 KD
Pocket Weight BeltPocket Weight Belt
Pocket Weight Belt Sale price13.500 KD
Mask Strap Cover YellowMask Strap Cover Blue
Mask Strap Cover Sale price1.500 KD
Mask strap coverMask strap cover
Mask strap cover Sale price2.750 KD
Strap Mask CoverStrap Mask Cover
Strap Mask Cover Sale price5.000 KD
Anti Fog SprayAnti Fog Spray
Anti Fog Spray Sale price1.500 KD
Finger Reel 45'Finger Reel 45'
Finger Reel 45' Sale price9.500 KD
Finger Reel 165'Finger Reel 165'
Finger Reel 165' Sale price5.500 KD